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Australian Trees

A total of 141 species, subspecies and varieties of eucalypts are known in Victoria and Tasmania. All are fully described in this book, including six unnamed eucalypts. The book contains: Almost 600 colour photographs, including each species in its natural habitat, as well as images of the bark, buds, flowers and fruits of each species; Accurate maps illustrating the natural distribution of each species in Victoria and Tasmania; Distinguishing features for each species are described in simple terms; Natural habitat preferences of each species are detailed; Cultivation requirements and the uses for each species discussed; Taxonomic and classification details included for each species; The meaning of each species name is provided; Useful notes and interesting facts for each species.

A reissue of this classic guide to more than 400 species of Australian trees, representing some 80 different genera.

An enthralling detective story about evolution and natural history, and the botanical find of the century: the freak survival of a species that offers a window on to an ecosystem one hundred million years old. The discovery has been described as "the equivalent of finding a small dinosaur still alive on Earth."

"This book is a spiritual, cultural, environmental and economic celebration of Australian trees - trees that, according to author John Halkett are increasingly vital as humanity searches for solutions to climate change, renewable energy and more sustainable lifestyles in the 21st century."

"A celebration of the spiritual, cultural, environmental and economic qualities, geography and botanical complexity of our trees"

Introduction How to use this guide KEYS Leaf Shapes Non-eucalypts Eucalypt Fruits Palms and Palm-like Trees SPECIES DESCRIPTIONS Non-eucalypts Eucalypts Palms and Palm-like Trees Glossary Index

About the Author

Leonard Cronin is one of Australia's foremost natural history authors. Trained as a biologist, he is a prolific writer of books and articles about the Australian flora, fauna, and environment. His books include the bestselling "Key Guide "series of field guides, "A Journey Through Ancient Kingdoms and Natural Wonders," "The Australian Animal Atlas," and "Australian Flora."