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Branches of SGCS

The branch of the SGCS are all-volunteer community groups that have worked for many years with Parks Victoria and others to enhance the green natural reserves enjoyed by residents and visitors to this region.

Inverloch Branch

Inverloch Branch is an all-volunteer community group that focuses on the natural resources of the Inverloch region, and regularly organises working-bees, plantings days and beach clean-ups.

Inverloch branch meet monthly at the Bunurong Centre on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm. All SGCS members and interested non-members are welcome.

Contact us: inverloch@sgcs.org.au

Chair and Branch Representative - Daryl Hook
Secretary - Megan Hewett

Inverloch Branch

Foster Branch

Foster Branch was formed in April 1976 and is an all-volunteer community group that has worked to enhance the green reserves of the Foster and Corner Inlet area. Foster Branch is in recess until further notice, due to a lack of new and younger members willing to carry on the work.

Contact us: foster@sgcs.org.au

Chair - Millie Howell
Secretary - Dave Berry
Treasurer - Max Parnell
Branch Representative - Marion Haupt

Foster Branch
Some of the volunteers from the Foster Branch of the SGCS at the Bus-Stop Rotunda in Main St Foster – Bert Fabel, Marion Haupt, Jan Taylor, Millie Howell (group leader), Christine Fabel and Marc Moerkerk.