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Coast and Beach Excursions

Teachers and students are reminded that activities involving the collection or removal of any material, including animals, plants, shells, rocks, sand or seaweed, are not permitted within the Bunurong Marine National Park.

Activities along the coast, including the Dinosaur Discovery and Rockpool Rambles, must take place at low tide. Tide times are charted here for Inverloch or can be downloaded from Marine Science Australia. (The times for Point Lonsdale are close enough to Inverloch tide times.)

Area of Study

The beaches of the Bunurong Coast near Inverloch are ideal for school groups as they are sheltered, easily accessible from parking areas and have picnic and toilet facilities close by. Along with the rock platforms, the beaches here offer many opportunities to explore this coastal area, study a variety of ecosystems and gain an insight into what lives in the ocean beyond the low tide areas.

The beach is also an ideal area to pursue disciplined-based learning such as science, SOSE, art and mathematics together with physical, personal and social learning through team work and games.

Aims of Excursion

  • Study behaviours of specific species such as birds on the beach
  • Observe the variety of material that is washed up on the beach
  • Identify what makes up sand on the beach and study a sand dune ecosystem
  • Identify the effects of climatic changes on the beach and surrounding areas
  • Identify how human activity affects the beach
  • Build a sculpture using sand and other material found on the beach
  • Observe wave patterns and design simple structures to deflect waves
  • Observe the range of colours on the beach and rock platform
  • Play games that have a marine/environmental theme
  • Identify features of a particular marine animal, its habitat and requirements by designing an environmental sand castle
Work sheets are available from Bunurong Coast Education for these activities.

Time Required

Some Inverloch beaches are affected by tides, so check the tide times. Time is flexible depending on requirements.

Equipment Required

Students should wear sun protection.

Supporting Resources

These are all available from the Bunurong Environment Centre, Inverloch.
Our Coast - CD, $10
Environmental Activities around Inverloch - SGCS, $5
Beachcombing Guide for South Gippsland Coast Areas - leaflet, $1
Shells of the Inverloch Area - leaflet, $1