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PRESIDENT    Richard Kentwell  

VICE PRESIDENT Chris Heislers  

SECRETARY  Pauline Taylor  

TREASURER  Ray Astbury

Contact: gpctaylor@gmail.com

Our vision is a world relieved of adverse human impact, so that stressed ecosystems

can again thrive.

Our mission: We will work in our own right and in collaboration with relevant groups

and individuals, to educate and lobby the community and governments about ways to

move towards a sustainable future.

“Our actions and advice are informed by current peer reviewed scientific evidence.”

Issues of particular concern to Groundswell Bass Coast include ...

• loss of bio-diversity

• deforestation, pollution and habitat depletion

• greenhouse gas emissions

• energy supply reliance on fossil fuels

• the power (media and political) of polluting industries

• inadequate media coverage of environmental degradation

• global warming

• escalating extreme weather events

• rising sea levels

• ocean acidification

• food and water security

• climate refugees

Strategies to achieve our mission include ...

• exploring and forming alliances with relevant groups and individuals to facilitate ongoing education and action

• lobbying all levels of government to implement policies enabling effective action to be taken

• educating our local and wider community on reducing our carbon footprint, maintaining and improving bio-diversity and

ecosystem health

• highlighting opportunities for new industries and jobs for a sustainable economy

• lobbying and assisting businesses to use clean technology

• introducing new demographic groups to the importance of our vision

• using traditional media, email, our website, social media, events and speakers to achieve our goals

CLIMATE CHANGE 2016: Beyond Paris – 1.5 C fact or fiction?


Nearly 200 people attended a forum at Wonthaggi Town Hall on Friday night to listen to the latest news about climate change following the UN Paris climate conference last November.

The presenters were Professor of Atmospheric Science David Karoly, Professor John Freebairn, Ritchie Chair in Economics – both at Melbourne University, and Carol Ride, Convenor of Psychology for a Safe Environment.

They gave the audience a sense of the urgency of action if the world is to stay below 1.5 C warming.  The world has already reached 1 C warmer than pre-industrial times. Professor Karoly stated that sea levels would eventually rise by 5 metres should we reach 1.5 C.

With a carbon tax, $8bn was collected each year and half of this was recycled to households. Australia is the only country to remove a price on carbon pollution under the Coalition Government and our emissions are growing, not reducing.

Carol Ride explained how people are ‘wired’ for immediate threats such as fire and flood, and although we spend money on insurance, we are reluctant to act on threats that seem to be more distant in time and place. While understanding people’s fears, we must continue to have conversations with everyone about climate change.

The good news is that we know what we have to do to reduce emissions – communicating this information to everyone and getting them to take action is the challenge.

At the end of question time a motion, to be sent to all political leaders, was endorsed by those present. The motion demands immediate, measurable and substantive action be taken to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. As well, documents outlining these policies and actions, and a timetable for implementing them, must be published and available to all.


This meeting understands that climate change presents a threat to the life and natural systems of our Gippsland and our planet.

We demand our governments take immediate, measurable, substantive action to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and adopt with urgency policies that will ensure a rapid transition to zero emissions. Australia must be carbon neutral by 2040 to help limit global warming to no more than 1.5C.

This includes:

A price on  pollution

ending government subsidies to fossil fuel industries

facilitating rapid and widespread installation of currently available solar and wind technology

financially supporting innovation and new jobs in renewables

providing financial certainty for potential investors in large scale renewable energy projects. There are currently no such investments

We demand that these policies and related actions, and a timetable for implementing them, be outlined in a public document available to all.

MOVED: Aileen Vening      SECONDED: Andrew Pollitt