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18 Jan 2022: Articles from Sentinel-Times

Time for Coastal Erosion Action is Now
Mayor's Message

16 Nov 2021: Articles from Sentinel-Times

Page 1 - 'Delays threaten billion-dollar beach'
Page 2 - 'Delays threaten billion-dollar beach'
Page 7 - 'Sand dune breakthrough likely within six months'
Page 26 - 'How Inverloch's erosion plan hit a speed hump'

Nov 2021: Mapping Coastline Recession 2010-2020

Aerial imagery shows that since 2010 the Inverloch Surf Beach coastline has receded by 45-70 metres on either side of the Surf Club, and over eight hectares of coastal vegetation has been swept away — close to half of the vegetated dunes that existed just nine years ago. See: ICRP-Coastal-Recession-PtNorman-FlatRocks-2010-2020.pdf

28 Aug 2021: Interview with Professor Emeritus Rodger Tomlinson

Rodger Tomlinson discusses the influence that the position of the main channel into Andersons Inlet has on Inverloch Surf Beach erosion. He identifies a range of measures that could assist with managing further erosion, ranging from nature-based, dune enhancement options through to structural measures such as offshore reefs and groynes. Watch the interview here (20 mins).

Media release, 4 Mar 2021: Professor supports SGCS Calls for Active Dune Management

Media release, 4 March 2021: Griffith University Centre for Coastal Management Professor supports SGCS calls for active dune management at Inverloch Surf Beach with the release of a report on Andersons Inlet Evolution and Surf Beach Erosion from Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, December 2020.
This report, by Professor Emeritus Rodger Tomlinson and Ana Paula da Silva, identifies that formation of a new channel into Andersons Inlet off Pt Smythe in 2009 may have been the trigger for commencement of the Inverloch Surf Beach coastline recession which began in 2012 and is continuing in 2021. The report also undertakes a preliminary analysis of potential management strategies for the Surf Beach.

4 March 2021: Update of Inverloch Beach Monitoring Report, Jul-Dec 2020

Update of Inverloch Beach Monitoring Report, Jul-Dec 2020 This report analyses the results of beach monitoring carried out by SGCS volunteers between July and December 2020. It includes a detailed analysis of the accelerating coastline recession that has occurred at Wreck Creek and Flat Rocks and reiterates the Society’s calls for urgent active dune management to avoid further significant loss of ecological values over the next 6 months.

15 May 2020: ICRP Documentary

Media Release: ICRP and ImaginACTION have released a documentary, Coastline in Crisis which analyses factors contributing to the rapid erosion at Inverloch surf beach, and includes footage of the shoreline and interviews with team members, business owners and community representatives. Watch the documentary here on Youtube.

7 Aug 2020: ICRP Inverloch Beach Monitoring Report Aug 2018-Jun 2020

Media Release: More Protection Works Needed at Inverloch Surf Beach
SGCS has released a report on 21 months of monitoring at Inverloch Surf Beach and Andersons Inlet, which confirms that coastline recession is accelerating, the most vulnerable locations being Wreck Creek and Flat Rocks. READ THE REPORT HERE.

2 Aug 2019: Inverloch Coastal Resilience Project

Below are the project report and four specialist consultant reports from a year-long investigation of the current erosion sequence at Inverloch.

Exhibition Posters And Survey for the ICRP

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